01. What is the main difference between NOW-WAY and a classic towel?

NOW-WAY is a versatile object which is unique in many ways: size, weight, shape, color, patterns and functionality.

A regular towel is used just for drying yourself. Once used, it gets wet and takes ages to dry. By the time you leave the beach it will probaby be wet and the sand sticky on it, and it is a hassle to drag it in your car or bag and at home…

Contrary to the classic beach towel, NOW-WAY is light, ultra-compact, wind resistant, dries very fast (within 5minutes), which means the sand doesn’t stick on it! It is a multifunctional product which can be tailor made according to your needs, budget and the size of your family or the person you wish to offer, due the 3 sizes available.


02. Why should someone buy NOW-WAY, spaces on the beaches are usually very tight and it is impossible to find a place to lay your towel?

NOW-WAY comes in 3 sizes: if you feel that 5.2 square meters, CLUB is too big, take the DUO, and if still is too big go for  the SOLO one.

The aim is to travel light , not overloaded.

Another consideration that a lot of people forget: when you go to the beach you carry one towel for each person, therefore  you add one towel, to another towel, to another ...

Which is  the best option: Sharing one CLUB or  carrying 4 different towels?

Conclusion : One single throw to wash , no more sand, you mark your own territory , nobody around you , no more fight against the wind, what else?

03. Can I use NOW-WAY to dry myself after I swim?

NOW-WAY is a throw which is light and compact, easy to carry around and can be used by the whole family, couples or singles..

When people go to the beach to tan, their towels get wet easily and sand sticks on them. This make them harder to use for drying oneself, and their functionality barely used to dry the body. You will be covered with sand!

In the same way, you can consider our NOW-WAY product as a throw: you can use it mainly to lay down, and let the sun do the rest.

04. Is NOW-WAY wind-resistant?

NOW-WAY comes with 4 pegs (16cm) which enable you to stick the throw to the sand or grass. In each corner lies a reinforced buttonhole, making it stable and impossible to move with the wind.

05. Where and how I can use NOW-WAY?

Everywhere! It is perfect for the beach, a picnic, a day in the park or in the garden, BBQs, or to enjoy the sun during your lunch break! You can travel with it, and the 4 pegs are travel friendly, possible to carry in your handbag onboard.

You can use the solo size  as a Pareo,  as a Scarf, or  as a simple  throw to decorate your house thanks to the beautiful patterns.

06. Can I wash NOW-WAY in the washing machine?

Definitely. We recommend cold water of maximum 30 degrees.

07. I am looking for a gift is NOW-WAY a good option?

NOW-WAY is a SMART gift, is always a great idea: original, useful and attractive.

We have thought about all the little details that make the product really special, the Gift Bag is part of it, you can use it to add your key, mobile and sun Protection.

08. What is the difference between NOW-WAY and sand-free mats?

Sand-Free Mats are made from two layers of synthetic mesh.

NOW-WAY is made of 100% cotton, the sand doesn't stick on it! The result is several square meters of personal space on the beach without sand! The cotton itself is durable and very fine (but thick enough so that not a single grain of sand will pass through). We have chosen cotton for its naturally soft and compact nature.